Russell Shor, in his 40 plus years of experience in gemstone industry:

  • Has visited and reported from major gemstone and diamond production areas around the world.
  • Authored white papers on key emerging consumer markets for gemstones in due diligence planning.
  • Been a consultant for International strategies from production to consumer markets.
  • Authored reports that explain and analyze challenges facing diamond and gemstone issues for the industry and consumers as well as analyze various segments of diamond and gemstone industry in GIA’s scientific journal.
  • Been a spokesperson at GIA for economic, social and other issues affecting diamond, gemstone, cultured pearl industries.

He has been interviewed by New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times of London, Bloomberg, Canadian Broadcasting Corp., National Public Radio, New Yorker Magazine and numerous other international press organizations and addressed international conferences in Basel, Switzerland, Shanghai, Dubai, New York, London and appeared on the History Channel.

Russell Shor has a MS in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and worked on political risk strategies through the University for various clients and a depress in Journalism and Political Science from Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.

In the field, research facilities and gemstones

Miners, Dealers, Wholesalers and Retailers all operate in their own realities often with little awareness of the other’s.  Today’s consumers, however, want to know the realities of every step of a gemstone’s journey and, quite often, make their buying decisions upon whether or not they were produced , polished and traded ethically and responsibly.

Russell Shor has the experience in each component of the gemstone pipeline to devise strategies and communications informed by all these separate realities.


  • Analyse and advise on market-based solutions for sustainable gemstone production, market access, and marketing.
  • Author consumer-facing articles and reports on these topics as well as content for individual firms.
  • Write a blog on a monthly basis to illuminate and explain these issues. 
  • Advise of Public Relations staff on media strategies, gemstone industry issues, and international opportunities.


  • 40 years of authoring articles for public awareness and white papers for senior stakeholders in the USA, Europe, Dubai, and Africa.  
  • Observing and advising on-site at artisanal and organized mining operations worldwide, addressing community, environmental, labour, and market challenges. 
  • Reporting on technological developments on recovery, cutting and processing, and tracking, including blockchain. 
  • Working on projects to improve returns for artisanal gemstone miners, and beneficiation/value addition to African diamond producers.

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